Huawei will replace the Android operating system in its mobiles, what does it mean for its users?

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Following the US veto of Huawei for representing a threat to the national security of this country, Google suspended relations with the Chinese company. Consequently, users with Huawei devices lost access to some Android services such as the Play Store and Gmail. Faced with this situation, the Asian giant undertook the development of its own mobile operating system and very soon he will present it officially to the market.

HarmonyOS is Huawei’s operating system that will replace Android, and until now Huawei has been implementing it as an operating system for the Internet of Things (IoT). Basically this open source software is a custom version of Android. Therefore, they will have many similarities at the design level, although not the same services. In that sense, how does the transition affect users?

Users who purchase new Huawei equipment will not have access to certain Android services

The fact that Huawei implements a new mobile operating system means that its users will no longer be able to access certain Android services. In fact, they will lose all ability to use Google applications. As well as other AI functionalities of this operating system.

On the other hand, Huawei smartphones with Android will become obsolete compared to the competition, since they lost the possibility of receiving software updates and security patches.

HarmonyOS is limited to Chinese apps

HarmonyOS Presentation

For now, HarmonyOS is only available to Chinese developers, so users will not be able to access Western apps like WhatsApp. However, it is possible to access these apps through an emulator, although without data backups in Google Drive, of course.

For Huawei, consolidating this operating system as a replacement for Android is quite a difficult task, since it has already been consolidated among users. At the moment, the company estimates to equip 200 million mobile devices with this operating system by the end of the year.

It only remains to wait until June 2 for the Chinese technologist to officially present its own mobile operating system to see how its real performance will be. Will HarmonyOS cross borders?

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