HP Quick Drop, HP’s alternative to transfer files between Android and Windows

2021 05 15 13 18 40
2021 05 15 13 18 40

The integration between smartphone and computer was inevitable and today we can see many examples of it. That is, not only from Google or Apple are working to generate this ecosystem between devices. There are also many other companies working on it and creating solutions. An example of this we have in HP, which has also brought its alternative to transfer files between Android and Windows.

It is HP Quick Drop, an application that works on Windows and Android and that allows you to transfer files in a very fast and simple way.

HP signs up to transfer files between Android and Windows

HP is a benchmark company in the world of technology, with a presence on all sides. That is, they manufacture servers, computers, peripherals and also software. Also, the company has a very high reputation in the area, so its solutions always deserve to be tested. This is how now they come to the integration between Android and Windows with their application to transfer files. While there are dozens of alternatives that do the same, what HP offers is worth a try.

This mechanism for transferring files between Android and Windows is characterized by a quick start-up. That is, pairing the computer and the smartphone will be a fairly simple process and you can immediately start sending files. It should also be noted that it is a completely free app.

To begin, you will have to install the Windows version on your computer and the Android version on your smartphone. You will find the links for the installation at the end of this article. Then, you will have to run the app on both, make sure they are connected to the same WiFi network and scan the QR code that will appear on the computer.

The pairing will be done immediately and the channel to transfer files between Android and Windows will be open. To send data, you just have to click or touch the button that shows a clip and select the file. In this way, you will have integrated the two computers you use the most to share files easily.

To get HP Quick Drop on Windows, follow this link.

For the Android version, follow this link.