How to speed up WhatsApp audios

whatsapp audio
whatsapp audio
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WhatsApp audio

WhatsApp has launched this week one of the most anticipated functionalities by users, in which it had been working for some time as a test, but which is now available to all users: the possibility of increasing the speed at which the messages are heard. WhatsApp audios.

To go from one speed to another, you just have to click on the “1x” button that appears in WhatsApp next to the voice note.

This function is very useful, especially when they send us a long-term message – taking into account that WhatsApp audios can be up to 15 minutes long – and allows it to be heard much faster, shortening the time, but allowing what is being said in the audio is understood.

The possibility of increasing the speed at which WhatsApp audios are listened to is now available for both the WhatsApp version on Android and iOS, as well as the desktop version and WhatsApp Web. However, the first time it is used it is not entirely intuitive, so we are going to tell you how to use it:

How to listen to WhatsApp audios faster

First of all, you must make sure that you are using an official version of WhatsApp – for example, it would not be worth using WhatsApp Plus or similar – and also make sure that you have the latest version of WhatsApp installed on your device. If not, this is the first thing you should do, updating it from Google Play or Apple Store.

In this way you will solve the problem if the option to listen to WhatsApp audios faster does not appear. Having the application updated to the latest version, it should appear. If it does not appear, the normal thing is that in a few days you will already have it active, since its implementation is progressive for the 2,000 million users that WhatsApp has worldwide. However, practically everyone already has it active, so it is normal that updating the app will already appear.

When you have it active and you go to listen to any audio on WhatsApp, you will see that a kind of button appears that indicates “1x” and that previously did not appear. You can press play without major problem and you will hear the audio as usual, at normal speed.

However, now you can click on that “1x” button, which will make it change to “1.5x” and then you will start listening to that audio faster, saving time. If you click the button again, “2x” will appear, indicating that your audio will play at twice the speed.

Even so, you will be able to perfectly hear what is said in the audio and understand its content. The good thing is that, for example, a 4-minute long audio, you will end up listening to it in 2 minutes, which undoubtedly saves time.

You have to bear in mind that, even if you press the button in an audio message, the configuration remains by default for the rest of the messages. Therefore, if the last audio message you heard at “2x”, the next one you play, even from another person or group, will also be heard at “2x” speed. If you want to change it, you just have to press the button again.

As you can see, the operation is simple, but since the option has appeared in WhatsApp without offering further explanation, there may be users who are a little lost the first time. Now, with this article, you will no longer have a problem listening to WhatsApp audios at a higher speed.

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