How to mass block Twitter?

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1621783031 2021 05 06 23 34 57.jpg

Social networks are experiencing a somewhat turbulent time, related to the opinions that are expressed there. That is, anyone has access to an account and can post anything from jokes to content that promotes misinformation or advocates acts of discrimination. In that sense, we will present you a way to mass block Twitter to remove any unpleasant content from your timeline.

To do this, we will take advantage of a third-party tool called Megablock. Its function is basically to apply a massive block that will include the author of a tweet and those who like it.

Clean your Twitter timeline with massive blocks

Twitter is a fascinating social network because it is where information really runs in real time. With an account on this platform and the correct followings, you can have a base of information or entertainment on any subject. However, we cannot always escape the arrival of an unpleasant or misinforming tweet on our timeline. For example, since the beginning of the pandemic, the platform has been very attentive to the content of anti-vaccine apologies. However, there are many other topics that are not being monitored and whose tweets are supported by many people.

If you do not want this type of content to reach your view, as well as the users who support it, it is best to resort to massive blocks on Twitter. However, there is no native way to do it and we will take advantage of Megablock. The only requirement of this tool is to provide access to your account.

When you enter the website, you receive a button to connect with your user. Once you grant the permissions, you will go to a screen that presents an address bar. There you will have to paste the tweet that you want to block together with its author and all those who like it. Finally, click on the “Megablock” button and the massive blocks for all those Twitter accounts will begin immediately.

In this way, you can mold your timeline completely to your liking, keeping away the content that you find unpleasant or offensive.

To prove it, follow this link.