How to get graphic resources for a YouTube channel?

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youtube logo desmonetizacion envato2 1 640x384.jpg

Faced with the new era that began more than 15 years ago with the creation of YouTube, a new profession was also born that nobody expected in 2005, the YouTuber. At first they were not well considered, in fact they still have many detractors, but few know the great work behind a YouTube channel.

This includes those with high and low subscribers as content creation is one of the most difficult tasks, especially when the content needs to be fresh and creative. In this sense, we present Envato Elements, one of the best places to get all kinds of resources for content creation, especially for videos.

Envato Elements.

Envato Elements.

Transitions, effects and much more

Many creators are concerned about transitions and sound effects, especially since YouTube does not give many options with all the copyright problem and how annoying it can be that a video loses its monetization for a two-second tune. But with Envato this concern ceases to exist, as you can license over 5 million items.

This includes filters that work for many things, such as the VHS-style one that gives a very popular retro-futuristic touch lately. There are also transitions Cyberpunk style, transitions “Seamless” to make them less noticeable and the video more fluid and other very useful templates for some YouTubers. In this sense we refer to emoji pack perfect for thumbnails or a animated font creator.

In other more creative aspects we have discovered effects of explosions and smoke, a photo animator, a software that allows you to give a more lively effect to your own photographs, something that does not hurt for those who make outdoor videos and want to show tourist places or exclusive events. The truth is that on Envato you can get the effect, template and font for whatever you want.

Advantage and comfort

Its search engine is very useful since each element has very descriptive names that make it easy to search, something very necessary when the web has more than 5 million elements. Each of these will make you stand out better as an editor in a program like Adobe Premier Pro or DaVinci Resolve.

Another aspect to highlight is the quality of the sound effects and music, Envato provides all types of files that we can use without worrying about this, and that is that the use of copyrighted material is the main cause of the demonetization of videos, as well as a constant concern for the content creator. However, using Envato items you will never have this problem as the monthly subscription includes the license.

Envato Finder.

In addition, all files have unlimited downloads and you can keep it on your hard drive for as long as you want, even if your subscription expires or the item is no longer available on the web. And is that not all the elements are from Envato, the web is nourished by designs, templates, fonts, videos, songs, plugins from many independent creators who lend their license to Envato, so our subscription also contributes money to original creatives .

However, what seems to us the best advantage is having all the elements gathered in a single website without the need to search and download elements from dozens of websites and with questionable quality. On Envato, all content is curated, will enrich your videos, and is organized in one place.

Effects available on Envato.

Not only on YouTube

We must not forget that not all the elements are necessarily for use on YouTube, there are also many specific assets for Instagram and web page design, which is something that you will undoubtedly need. Improving the quality of your posts on your networks will also improve the number of visits and engagement you generate on your YT channel, so Envato will definitely help you go further.

As if it were not enough, the subscription gives you access to digital books and online courses so that you learn to handle all the elements, the vast majority come with their own description and explanation when downloading them, but if you need additional help you can download these books so that you learn to edit your own creations and make the most of all Envato assets.

The subscription costs $ 16.50 per month, although you can join a group plan of five people and it will cost only 10.75, the five members would have access to all the resources, a download history file and, of course, unlimited use of most elements. Payment can be made by credit card or PayPal and there are no limitations for people from any country.

If you are interested, follow this link and subscribe through the payment methods mentioned and get immediate access to a gigantic asset center that will make your life easier.