How to find the best keywords on YouTube

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YouTube had its own function to find the best keywords, but it disabled it in 2014. So now youtubers have to use other tools to find the keywords with which they position your videos on the platform. Today, with more than 500 hours of content uploaded every minute, they need more than ever to find the words that users use to search for their content and thus be able to please the YouTube algorithm.

Alternatives to the YouTube keyword search engine, which can be of great help to create a content strategy on the platform.

Keyword research tools are one of the fundamental pieces of any video content strategy, offering a way to ‘predict’ how users perform their searches, based on data from previous searches. As usual, it is best not to stay with a single tool and compare the data to find the best keywords.

-YouTube Analytics: In the “coverage” tab it is possible to find information on how the audience reaches the videos. It is necessary to dig deep into each of the reports, analyzing the words that the audience uses to find the videos, as well as the information about the related videos, to understand where they are coming from and where users are going.

-Trends: Within the “Explore” section, YouTube has a “Trends” tab that shows the videos that are trending at any given time. This tab uses an algorithm based on comments, visualizations and external references to show current content, but also on the user’s geographic location and their viewing history. In a sense, this tab could be a source of information to extract keywords about the content that is being consumed at a given moment.

-Google Trends: Google Trends has an exclusive tab to find the content that is trending on YouTube. Google Trends is a very useful tool to find information related to the videos that are working best at all times.

-YouTube search prediction: In the same way as Google, the YouTube search bar is capable of displaying search predictions, autocompleting searches with related content. When you type a term in the search bar, the results are ordered from highest to lowest importance.

-Keyword Tool: The tool has a dedicated tab for finding keywords on YouTube. With it, it is possible to find main keywords, long tail keywords and also key phrases, it also allows you to search by location, organizing keywords by country.

-Google Ads Keyword Planner: The Google Ads keyword planning tool can be used to find information about the most used keywords in Google. In this sense, unless you have an active campaign, the data offered is not exact. Despite this, it is possible to find relevant information, for example, by comparing two terms to find out which of the two has less competition and, therefore, it will be easier to position.