How to edit and work with PDF easily using SmallPDF

pdf file
pdf file
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Pdf file

Both in the corporate sphere, especially now that teleworking has become popular, and in the personal sphere, working with PDF files – an acronym for Portable Document Format – has numerous advantages.

It is a type of document that was created by Adobe Systems, which enables effective communication exchange. Among its benefits, it stands out that it can be opened on any computer, that it maintains the style without losing the original appearance of the document and that it allows sharing large amounts of information with less weight than a Word document or a PowerPoint presentation, for example.

However, to be able to work with PDF easily you will need to have a program that allows you to reduce their weight, modify them, convert them into other types of files … In short, that allows you to perform any action you need, more now than most users He works from home and the flow of content exchange has to be constant and efficient.

In this sense, we have been testing not an application, but a whole suite of tools that allow us to be more productive and work intelligently with documents of this type. Is named SmallPDF and it will allow you to perform all kinds of actions with PDF files. By running in the browser, you will not have to install any program on your computer, and you can use SmallPDF comfortably regardless of the operating system you use, just by accessing its website. In addition, it also has an app so that you can use it from your mobile if you wish. You just have to download it from the Apple Store for iOS or Google Play for Android.

SmallPDF is made up of a total of 21 tools with which you can manage all your work with digital documents completely free of charge. For example, it includes a PDF file compressor that allows you to reduce the size of documents making them more manageable. Its use is very simple and does not take more than a few minutes. All you have to do is access your website and select the files you want to compress by pressing a button. If you prefer, you can also drag them directly onto the red box that appears.

SmallPDF screenshot

In just a few seconds the file will be compressed to 144 dpi -the process is carried out in the cloud, so no computer resources are consumed- and the new file will be saved on the computer without losing a bit of quality. In a matter of an hour, SmallPDF removes it from its servers, for total user privacy.

This is one of the solutions included in the SmallPDF software, but there are many more and they are all equally easy to use. This suite, for example, also has converters from PDF to other formats such as PPT, Word, JPEG, Excel … and vice versa. In all cases, the conversion process only takes a few seconds. All you have to do is access the web, choose the desired converter, select the file from your computer -or drag it to the color box- and click on the button. The conversion is also done in the cloud, so no computer resources are wasted, and it is completely free.

smallpdf edit

Other SmallPDF services

SmallPDF, in addition to converting and compressing files, also offers other services of interest, such as the digital signature of PDF documents. You just have to access the web and select the document you want to sign. You can create your own electronic signature with this software, loading it from your device, taking a photo of your signature on paper or drawing it with the help of your computer’s mouse or trackpad.

In addition, with the SmallPDF eSign tool, you can invite up to 100 people to sign the document, indicating exactly where they have to sign.

Along with this interesting tool, SmallPDF also has a function to protect your PDFs with a password and also to unlock and remove the password from documents that are locked.

Insert a PDF icon on your website

Another service that SmallPDF provides, and that you will not find in other online converters, is the possibility of inserting a PDF icon on your website, so that your visitors can access that document easily. What it allows you to do is integrate the SmallPDF PDF editor into your web page. Thus, users will be able to use all its tools without leaving your page, working comfortably with the PDFs that you have hosted on it.

pdf icon on web

This is done very easily by accessing the SmallPDF website. You just have to select the link of the PDF you want to insert, paste it into the PDF icon converter and copy the code that they provide on your web page.

As you can see, using the SmallPDF tools is extremely simple and you will find it a very useful work companion to manage all your documents and communications with clients, colleagues and friends. In addition, you can use the 21 tools on the web for free (with a maximum of two documents per day) but if you want to work with more, or have access to additional functionalities -such as a higher quality compressor- you can also get a professional or business plan, with which for a very few euros per month you can use all the PRO functions, without advertising and with personalized customer service in case you have any questions or problems when using the service. If you are interested, you can try the premium services for free for 7 days.

They are all advantages with SmallPDF. Once you try it, it will become one of your reference web pages when it comes to working with PDF documents. It will surely make your daily work and sending and receiving documentation easier, do not stop trying it!