How to download Facebook videos on Android?

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1621883589 2021 05 13 12 49 13.jpg

Facebook continues to be an extremely active social network with a lot of content. Although it has gained the fame of having become a place with very strange material compared to the rest, we can still find interesting or funny things. In that sense, if you have the need to download Facebook videos on Android, we will present you a new application that you should try.

Its name is Save Videos and in the simplest way it will allow you to get hold of any audiovisual material on the platform.

Download Facebook videos from your Android

Your Facebook account is likely the oldest of all your social media accounts. In these moments it represents a way of being aware of friends and family, unlike Instagram or Twitter whose material transcends these uses. However, this does not mean that we can find videos that may be interesting or funny results, to the point of wanting to download them. If this happens to you, then you should immediately install Save Videos so that you can download Facebook videos on Android whenever you want.

This application is new and completely free, it also offers a simple and friendly interface that promotes a very fast use process. The download mechanism is as simple as copying the link and pasting it in the address bar of the app. This means that, no matter if you have experience with these steps or not, anyone can do it.

When you open Save Videos, you get a bar and two buttons: Download and Paste. In that sense, to download videos from Facebook, the first thing to do is copy the link. To do this, touch the Share option and there you will see the possibility of copying the link. Then, open the app, touch the “Paste” button and then “Download.”

After a few seconds you will have the video stored in your gallery. Repeat the process with all the videos you want to download and you’re done. So you can download Facebook videos on Android, in a matter of seconds and in the simplest way.

To get the app, follow this link.