How to download educational sites to read without the Internet

como descargar sitios educativos para leerlos sin internet 730x338.jpg
como descargar sitios educativos para leerlos sin internet 730x338.jpg

Do you live in an area where the internet connection is poor? This is a situation that is perceived in many parts around the world where telecommunications networks are not robust enough to offer their citizens a stable internet connection 24/7, which makes it difficult to access certain content on the web. desired time.

This is where it comes to the rescue Kiwix, a free software project developed with the purpose of helping users who live in regions with low or unstable internet connection to access information from Wikipedia and other sites on the Media Wiki network offline, that is, without an internet connection .

This is how Kiwix gives you the possibility of accessing a vast collection of information without having to have an active internet connection.

Once the content of any of these pages has been downloaded with Kiwix, you will not only have the opportunity to read it, but also to send it in different formats to be received on devices such as smartphones, Tablets and laptops.

Likewise, Kiwix can be used in situations where, for example, you are in a library with internet access and you download all the online material you need to access it later on another site where you do not have an internet connection.

The first thing you should do is proceed to download the Kiwix software. Once this is done, download the package files in ZIM format, which you will find both from its repository and from other sites.

With regard to Wikipedia, it is possible to have access to different versions, whose storage space may vary, thus being able to have the opportunity to save the full version of each language up to the version with the most read articles, the reduced version or one that excludes the images.

The latter can be favorable to save storage space on the drive you have assigned for this task (2.8 GB for the Spanish version of Wikipedia).