How to create the best headers for Facebook? Here we teach you

2021 05 08 11 59 11
2021 05 08 11 59 11

Our profiles on social networks can be seen as our home in the 2.0 world. In this sense, the various platforms provide tools to personalize the aesthetic and adapt it to our tastes. Creating headers for Facebook or Twitter always seems like a matter reserved for designers, but here we present a great tool to do it easily.

Its name is Facebook Cover Maker and it is an online editor with which we can create excellent header images.

The way to create beautiful headers for Facebook

Many of us look for ways to customize the sections available in our profiles. The header is precisely one of the most important images, because it is the first thing we see when entering an account. However, this block to locate an image has specific dimensions that must be met to make them look good. This is the reason why the job is not as simple as uploading an image. Although it is not too complicated if we use Facebook Cover Maker to create headers.

This alternative is free and in a matter of a few minutes you can have a great header. In addition, it has the particularity of generating an excellent effect, where our profile photo blends with the header. That is, from a single image we can generate the profile photo and the header.

Creating headers for Facebook from this tool is quite simple and it should be noted that it does not need registration. Once you enter, just scroll down and you will find the work area. There you can upload your own image or select one from the available gallery. You will be able to add texts, stickers and other attractive effects to the eye.

Best of all, the tool generates the image with the exact dimensions to fill the header block. In this way, you will be able to create headers for Facebook in the fastest and easiest way, to personalize your profile.

To prove it, follow this link.