How to create a simple header for Twitter?

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1621780812 2021 05 09 13 54 29.jpg

Social media is not only about content, but also about aesthetics. For this reason, each platform has customization options that allow you to give different styles to the profile. This is something that we can clearly see on sites like Facebook or Twitter, which have blocks to add custom images. In that sense, we will present you the way to create a simple header for Twitter.

To do this, we will take advantage of the tool provided by a website called Headers, which presents a simple template for creating headers.

So you can create a simple header for Twitter

The aesthetic part of social media profiles is generally in the hands of designers. Thus, many large accounts have beautiful header images that often attract the eye and attention of those who log in. But if you don’t have design skills and don’t know how to create a Twitter header for your account, you should know that there are alternatives available. This is when the service that Headers offers comes into play, allowing the generation of headers for free and in seconds.

To create a Twitter header in Headers, you will not have to register. It’s all a matter of entering and moving the controls until you find the result that suits your tastes.

Once you enter the Headers website, all you have to do is scroll down to find the work area. There you will have a header preview and two fields to add text. The headers generated on this page are made up of a colored background and two lines of text, all customizable. When you are satisfied, click on the “Give me my banner” button to download the image and voila.

Then, it will only be a matter of going to your Twitter account and editing the profile to upload the header. Creating a header for Twitter from Headers is super simple and the results, although basic, look great.

To prove it, follow this link.