Horizon Forbidden West offers us a preview with 20 minutes of gameplay on PS5

horizon forbidden west gameplay ps5 1000x600.jpg
horizon forbidden west gameplay ps5 1000x600.jpg

Undoubtedly one of the most anticipated games for this 2021 shows it Horizon Forbidden West, the return of Aloy and the return to this dystopian world between the future and the past, to which we will add a good number of new robots, weapons, and new regions and areas to explore that will include easily recognizable monuments and areas, among many other things .

And it is that yesterday a new State of Play of PlayStation took place, in which the company shared a new sneak peek of up to 20 minutes captured directly over the current version (still in development) of what will undoubtedly be one of the great exclusives of PS5.


The first thing that catches our attention is undoubtedly the graphic jump that this gameplay offers, fully exploiting the capabilities of Sony’s new hardware to bring out ray tracing technologies, reflections, shadows, frame rate improvements, and in general all the advantages of your new GPU architecture. And is that if the first installment was already outstanding, Horizon Forbidden West is certainly breathtaking.

As planned since it was first announced two years ago, the protagonist will be Aloy again, repeating the original dubbing of Ashly Burch and the Spanish version of Michelle Jenner, with a new story that will take us to accompany her on the mission to discover the origin of a red-tinged plague that spreads across the land.

While in the original installment of Horizon Zero Dawn we got to see Aloy through the post-apocalyptic versions of Utah, Colorado, and northern Arizona, with backdrops riddled with lush forests, deserts, and long snow-capped mountain ranges to explore, in the case. from Horizon Forbidden West, as the name suggests, we will be displaced to the western part of the continent.

Specifically, we will change the mountainous landscapes for the broad shores of the Pacific, even introducing new game features within the underwater world.

Although we will also find new enemieslike the Tremor Tusk, a gigantic mechanical mammoth; new combat scenes and mechanics, with the classic bow, a sling, smoke bombs, a baton, a grenade launcher and even a holographic parachute to enlarge the fronts; and of course, new machines, now being able to ride on a velociraptor.