Hiring an electric company: which one to choose?

hiring an electric company: which one to choose?
hiring an electric company: which one to choose?

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Deciding on one or another electricity company is not easy. We know. Of course, we assure you that taking into account 5 basic aspects that we will review in this post, you will have the necessary tools to differentiate which company suits you and which one is not.

In this article we will analyze the most important points to take into account before choosing a company so that you are right and do not regret your decision later. And, as you know, if you choose a traditional electric that still requires permanence, you can take a significant penalty if you are not happy and want to change.

That does not have permanence

Yes, as we anticipated in the previous paragraph, most large companies continue to demand permanence from their new clients. For this reason, we recommend that you choose one that gives you the freedom to leave whenever you want without any type of penalty. Say no to ties.

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Own team of energy advisers

Find out if the company you are going to hire has an outsourced customer service team that sells electricity as well as telephony or trips to the Caribbean or, on the contrary, has its own team of energy experts willing to help you get the best option in function of your consumption.

At Gana Zone our goal is for the customer to pay as little as possible and with this objective we study their supply and recommend that they opt for a specific rate or power.

100% renewable energy

Is there an easier way to contribute to the Planet than this? Hiring a green power company is always a great decision. In this way, you collaborate with the protection of the environment and, do you know the best? Without leaving your house and without paying a single euro more.

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Select a technology company

Find out if you have the possibility of knowing all the aspects of your invoice online, as well as the possibility of modifying rates and other aspects at the click of a button. The leading electricity companies have a client area available for all types of devices.

What kind of rates do you offer?

Note that it offers rates at cost price. These are the cheapest in the long term always and that is why they are the best option to save. Why? Very simple, because the margin of the companies is much lower than with a flat rate where they are covered from possible losses and, therefore, you end up paying more.

price light electricity tariffs

At Gana Zone we offer both, but we recommend above all our rate at cost price since as energy consultants our obligation is to recommend the one in which you are going to pay less. You can hire it here. The idea is simple: pay for what you consume.

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We hope this article has been useful to you and with these five tricks you will know how to choose a good electric company. At Gana Zone we fulfill all these aspects and we would love to be your electrician. We will wait for you!