Gucci bags that sell more expensive on Roblox than in the real world

bolsos gucci que se venden mas caros en roblox que en el mundo real 730x487.jpg
bolsos gucci que se venden mas caros en roblox que en el mundo real 730x487.jpg

Roblox has undoubtedly become a platform that over time has become something to talk about, not only because of the popularity of its games, but also because of the peculiarities that can be found among the objects that make up its store, including a Gucci bag. , which has been in the news these days because its value exceeds that of a physical version.

Yes, this Gucci bag has become a coveted object of desire for which there are players willing to pay large amounts of Robux to obtain it.

Designated by the name of Dionysus with a bee, this bag constitutes a collector’s item from Gucci Garden, a limited event where the brand itself carried out the creation of a multimedia campaign in which they used the Roblox platform as a space to expose their digital creations.

The design presented by the Dionysus bag is inspired by a real collection of the brand, whose units were put on sale for one hour at a value of 475 robux (equivalent to 5 dollars), and can be purchased only by some users.

However, with the passage of time, interest in this bag increased, to the point where it is currently sold for a minimum price of 74,200 robux, equivalent to a value of $ 740, being that, in recent days it has been reported that some people have paid up to 350 thousand robux for it.

Taking into account that one thousand robux equivalent to $ 9.99, then it means that the maximum price for which the Dionysus bag with bee was acquired is equivalent to $ 3,496, while a physical version of this bag can be found in the market from a value of $ 1,350.

In view of the frenzy generated by this bag, the fashion house Gucci decided to launch a version with a floral print of the Dionysus bag, although this did not turn out to be the object of great interest like its predecessor, which is an example of how the market is managed financial within Roblox.