Google wants its Nest Audio to be the ‘home cinema’ of your Chromecast, how?

Google wants its Nest Audio to be the 'home cinema' of your Chromecast, how?
Google Wants Its Nest Audio To Be The 'home Cinema'

It is something that many have wondered since the appearance of the first Google Home back in 2016: how was it possible that, with all the functions that the assistant brought, was not able to connect to a Chromecast to listen to everything we sent through the smart speaker, especially in those cases in which the television sound system does not stand out for offering quality audio.

So it seems that Google is going to change its strategy and, at least with the two models that have just been presented, both the Nest audio and the renewed Chromecast, we can use the smart speaker (which has taken a significant leap in terms of audio quality) as a player of everything we are sending to our television wirelessly. Quite a breakthrough, right?

Google works on a Nest Audio-Chromecast

That is, more or less, the summary of what WSJ has revealed in one of its latest information referring to the Mountain View giant, that are seriously considering how to integrate smart speaker functions with those of the also redesigned Chromecast, which has undergone a profound transformation in the last of its updates.

Nest Speaker and Chromecast, together forever?

The idea is that we can configure that speaker as the default output of the contents that we are sending to a nearby television. A two in one that would avoid us having to be buying other devices to perform a similar function of having improved audio of everything we see on the Smart TV. After all, Americans have sold their new smart speaker as a “home theater sound system.”

Although it seems impossible, Google was the one that decided that the Nest Audio was not able to connect as an external speaker to the Chromecast that it has on the market, both current and discontinued models. That is why we will be attentive to know if all those devices that we have at home, from previous years, will be able to take advantage of this new function or not.

The same information reveals that This integration was going to be officially announced at the time the new Chromecast and Nest Audio were introduced, but it was withdrawn at the last minute. The pressure that Apple and Amazon are putting Google, making the new Homepod Mini and Echo compatible with their respective Apple TV and Fire TV Stick, has pushed those of Mountain View to have to move tab … quickly.