Google Photos: before June 1 arrives, know the differences between original and standard quality


It is only three days until the storage of Google Photos stop being a free service. From this June 1, all users will have a limit of 15 GB in this application, where the photos or videos that we begin to upload, even if they are compressed, will begin to take up space. In this note we are going to explain the differences between “Original quality” and “High quality”.

If you are one of the people who use Google Photos every day and you are willing to pay for your 100 GB storage for 1.99 euros or 200 GB for 2.99 euros, you should know the differences between both qualities and make the most of this application.

According to the Mountain View media, in 2015 one of the creators of Google Photos, Anil Sabharwal, commented that using standard quality (High quality) is the same as uploading original images or videos since the difference is almost imperceptible; however, currently the portal Forbes, indicated in a note that different users have received an email from Google where the company tries to convince them about the benefits of uploading photos in original quality.

In addition, in this email they attached an image that served as an example, where the changes are noticeably appreciated when we upload a photo in its original quality and when we compress it. As we said before, compressed photos allow free storage while originals take up space in the 15 GB that Google gives us.

Now they are pixelated.  On the left original quality on the right High Quality (Compressed) (Photo: Forbes / Google)
Now they are pixelated. On the left original quality on the right High Quality (Compressed) (Photo: Forbes / Google)


For obvious reasons uploading a photo in original quality is much better than removing a few pixels or compressing it to save space, and these are the reasons:

  • Better visual quality.
  • We appreciate details better when we zoom in on an image.
  • It allows you to crop photos and print them without being pixelated.

It should be noted that the images or videos that we upload to Google Photos with a resolution greater than 16 megapixels, they will be automatically compressed, since the app only accepts this resolution. The same goes for videos, they must not exceed 1080 pixels. If you want to migrate to another application with economic plans or to know one free, click on the following link.