Google now promises that all Meet users will have the new web interface in June

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fijmosaicos 730x425.jpg

It has been a little over a month since Google announced the important changes that will be coming to Google Meet throughout these months, including the new and promising user interface on the web, which was scheduled for this same month of May.

Among other things, the new web interface will allow to give more space for the visualization of the contents of other users, improves the ability to fix and undo fixed contents, as well as the possibility of fixing several mosaics simultaneously, changing or repositioning the mosaic itself to avoid “zoom fatigue”, among other things.

Finalizing the launch of the promised novelties

Time passes and now we meet release plan changes. From the outset point out that on this occasion, the transition period to the new interface will be quite short.

As we know, in Google they have the habit of offering a transition period of several months, where users have the possibility to go to the version that they call “inherited” for not calling it old, and the new version.

In the case of Google Meet, the transition period will be only 10 days, where it will be June 1 when it begins to be generally available, in which users who already have the new interface will be able to alternate between the new and the new interface. inherited, and from June 11 no longer can go back to the legacy version, since the new version will be available to everyone.

The deployment of the new web interface began last Monday, May 24It is currently available to 1% of private users and business customers, with a gradual rollout set for both segments over 15 days.

In addition, Google warns of possible problems by using Chrome extensions, like Grid View, recommending to remove any extension that interacts with Google Meet.

We are facing a new case in which the new update makes the use of extensions incompatible, the previous one being the update of the Google Docs engine, will we see more examples in the future?

In any case, and despite some delay, it seems that some of the recently promised improvements for Google Meet are now arriving, taking into account that it is in a sector that has become quite competitive throughout the pandemic, and that despite the fact that little by little the desired normality is being reached, the segment of video calls is stronger than ever and established in the culture of people, although mostly, in that of companies.

So you just have to be patient to get the new Google Meet experience.