Google Maps shows statistics of your trips and favorite places

google maps 730x463.jpg
google maps 730x463.jpg

Google Maps seems to be updating with a series of options that will give you more information about the history of your locations.

With a single glance you can see what your travel habits are as well as the places you visit frequently.

Google Maps gives more information about your location history

Google Maps “Your Timeline” allows you to view your location history and take a look at all the places you have visited. And to do this, divide all the information about your locations into different sections: Cities, World, Day and Places. That way, you can filter all the location history and find the information that interests you.

And now, this section of Google Maps is enhanced with two new sections: Statistics and Travel. “Statistics” offers interesting data that you can take into account to calculate your trips, see how you distribute your time, analyze the amount of hours you spend in certain places, and so on.

For example, you will see the time you have been driving or traveling in other means of transport, the number of hours you have spent in hotels, restaurants, etc. And as mentioned in AP, based on these statistics, a series of graphs is shown that allow you to know, for example, which day of the month you have visited the most sites, how many places you have visited in the month, among other data.

And of course, there are also graphs that allow you to compare your activity in different months. That is, you will have a whole series of travel and place statistics from your location history. It may even be a bit overwhelming to see how Google Maps knows our travel habits and favorite places.

And on the other hand, “Travel” is added. A section that Google had already announced last year, and that shows all the places we have visited in our trips, means of transport, kilometers traveled, among other data. At the moment, Google has not announced if these new sections will be deployed to all users, or are only part of a test in the Maps app on Android.