Google Docs adds an old Microsoft Word feature

google docs 1 730x423.jpg
google docs 1 730x423.jpg

Google Docs is getting a small update that brings one of the common features of word processors.

This update will not only give us a new option to format the text, but it will also save us work when we import documents from Microsoft Word.

Google Docs now allows adding a background image

Google Docs has many functions that allow us to create almost any type of document, without missing the functions of any word processor. A dynamic that is complemented by the multiple features dedicated to facilitating teamwork.

But curiously, it does not have one of the most common features in almost any word processor. And users have had to resort to a number of tricks and third-party apps to fix this process. And yes, Microsoft Word is one of the options chosen to overcome this lack of Docs, since it has had this option for more than 20 years.

What are we talking about? Something as simple as being able to use a background image by placing it behind the text. If you use Google Docs frequently you will know that this option does not exist, but this situation is about to change.

As mentioned by the Google team, Docs is adding the possibility of placing an image in front of or behind the text. You will find this new option in the sidebar that opens when you add an image. Or you can perform this same action by directly touching the image. A simple and practical option.

And no matter what format you give the document using this new option, it will be preserved when you take it to Microsoft Word and vice versa. So you will no longer lose this format when you import a file from Word.

This new feature will be available to both those with G Suite and Workspace accounts and users with personal accounts.