Google Chrome is updated with a new use for the clipboard

google chrome 1 730x442.jpg
google chrome 1 730x442.jpg

The new version of Google Chrome is already reaching all users with a series of news.

Some of the novelties are focused on enhancing the user experience with better controls for the interface and other details focused on accessibility. And there are also some features added that will improve file management in different scenarios.

Google Chrome is updated with these news

One of the novelties of Chrome is related to the clipboard and the possibility of pasting files from the computer to any compatible website or service. Yes, instead of dragging and dropping the file, for example, to add an attachment in Gmail, you can use the keyboard shortcut to copy and paste.

This function was not enabled by default in the previous version of the browser, so it was necessary to activate it from the experimental functions section. So if you still don’t have the new version of Chrome available and you want to try it, you will have to go to chrome: // flags / # clipboard-filenames. Once you choose “Enable” to enable the function, it only remains to restart Chrome.

And on the other hand, the file system is improved thanks to the File System Access API, as described by the Google team.

In particular, we want to allow websites to provide suggestions on the name and location of files and directories that are being saved or loaded.

And of course, there are many features dedicated to developers. You can see the complete list of all the changes that are implemented in this new version of Chrome in this link. If you want to know if you already have the browser updated with the latest version, open the menu with the three dots and select Help >> Google Chrome Information.

If you have a pending update you will see that it is loaded automatically for installation, and if you already have the latest version you will see the blue circle indicating that you have the updated browser.