Gmail now lets you save images directly to Google Photos

google fotos 1 730x388.jpg
google fotos 1 730x388.jpg

Google is launching a feature for Gmail that will make it easier to save the photos you receive in emails.

Although Gmail already offers some options to preserve the attached images beyond email, now a new alternative is added.

You can now save Gmail images to Google Photos

Every time you receive an image as an attachment in your emails, Gmail shows you two options. You have the possibility to download it to your computer or mobile device, or you can save it in your Drive account.

And now a third option is added that will allow you to save it in your Google Photos account, as you see in the image above. So just by selecting the option “Save to Photos”, you will have your image saved in the Google Photos library.

It is a practical dynamic for users who save all images in Google Photos, as it will save them from having to download the photo to their computer to upload it to their account. In this way, they will be able to carry out that process in a single step.

Remember that to see any of the options that we mentioned you only need to position the mouse cursor over the image. When we choose the option “Add it to Drive” from Gmail, it allows us to save and even organize the image in the folder we want. In the case of Google Photos, we do not yet know if it will present a similar dynamic or will simply be saved in the library.

This new dynamic will begin to be implemented in the web version of Gmail, but only for JPG. Another detail to keep in mind is that as of June 1, Google Photos will stop offering free storage, so you may want to be more selective with the images that you save in your account.

The Google team mentions that this new Gmail option is already beginning to be implemented, both for Google Workspace clients and for personal accounts.