Gmail: discover these incredible tricks of the app that will save you a lot of time


We all know Gmail, the American application that allows us to send all types of files by email; However, despite having it installed and using it daily, many people are unaware of the hidden tricks that this app keeps that dethroned Microsoft’s Hotmail (current Outlook). In this note we are going to teach you some tricks that will be very useful to you.


When we are browsing the Internet, whether from our cell phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer, many times we register on different pages without realizing it, this is reflected when we enter Gmail and we found various emails that we are not aware of, such as: job offers, product announcements, educational services, etc.

In that sense, it is difficult for us to visualize an important file that has been sent to us and we have not yet read, because it is lost among the large number of emails (Spam) that we have stored in our inbox. There is a simple trick to be able to open the messages still read, you just have to place the word “is: unread” in the Gmail search bar.

Gmail search bar (Photo: Gmail screenshot)
Gmail search bar (Photo: Gmail screenshot)

In addition, you can personalize the search, placing for example “is: unread photos” and you will see all the unread emails that have the word photos. Also, there is an option to display the most important messages, this is achieved by typing “is: important”.


There are other commands that will make it easier for us to search for an email in Gmail. To know them follow the following steps:

  • To search for emails before or after a specific date we must write Before: (year / month / day) and After: (year / month / day). Example: Before: 05/19/2021 or After:
  • To search for a specific sender or recipient, you must enter from: [nombre], to [nombre], cc: [nombre]. Example: From: Maria.
  • To search for an email with a specific file, you must write the code Has: attachment (type of file). Example: Has: attachment excel.


This trick is exclusive for smartphones or tablets, since we will be able to read any email without having to go back to the inbox and open them one by one. To achieve this we must enter an email and only slide with your finger to the left or right and we will change the message, without a doubt it saves a lot of time.


This is a shortcut to delete several messages without having to open each email to delete it. If we are on a mobile device we have to press (not press) the circular icon to the left of each email to be deleted. For computers, you have to press a square that is also on the far left of the mail.