Get 25 times the Internet speed using a Raspberry Pi

get 25 times the internet speed using a raspberry pi
get 25 times the internet speed using a raspberry pi

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Have a internet speed slow in full 2021 it is almost traumatizing already, since it prevents you from enjoying many Internet services that require high speed. With Starlink the use of fast Internet will be democratized, but one user has opted for a more “earthy” option to go from 3 Mbps To over 120 Mbps using a fun project for the Raspberry Pi 4.

A network of networks. That is the solution you have had to resort to Jona. This user was fed up with how slow his rural internet connection, with speeds reaching a maximum of between 2 and 5 Mbps. So he had a brilliant idea: pool multiple internet connections in a way that would have multiple simultaneous connections.

Five connections in one thanks to a Raspberry Pi

To do this, he used a Raspberry Pi that serves as a link for five Internet connections: two with 4G connection, and others two with 5G connection. There is also a fifth ADSL connection which acts as a backup in the event that mobile connections fail completely, as well as adding a little more speed to the network, no matter how slow. For the Raspberry Pi it equipped a HAT that offers 4G connectivity.

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Along with the Raspberry Pi, it also has a USB hub and two Ethernet switches to connect other devices. To manage simultaneous connections, the Raspberry Pi has Speedify installed. This program is available for Linux, macOS, Windows, iPadOS and Android, and it basically allows you to merge several Internet connections into one, and distribute the traffic between them in a smart way to get the best performance. In addition, it has modes such as Streaming Mode, which optimizes connections so that there are no cuts while watching content.

Speeds up to 120 Mbps

The only downside to Speedify is that the company forces you to use its VPN to be able to surf the Internet, which can present problems when accessing some web pages that detect many requests from the same IP address. In addition, it is convenient to use an antivirus on Raspberry Pi depending on the operating system that we install.

With this system, you can now achieve speeds of 120 Mbps. The user has not detailed the price he pays, but this will probably be very high and will easily exceed 100 euros; especially if you have chosen unlimited data rates. The most logical thing in this case is to contract rates from different operators to benefit from the use, frequencies and speed that each one offers, but the debate also opens up as to whether the operators could open their hand a bit in terms of the bandwidth they can use. each user.