Garda Welfare Verifies Ireland as All PUP Beneficiary Claims Being Examined

The hundreds of thousands of Irish people receiving pandemic unemployment pay are being scrutinized for up to 20 Gardai.

Everyone who earns the PUP each week is subject to these assessments to ensure recipients qualify for payments.

Your complaints are subject to significant scrutiny to ensure that no fraudulent activity is taking place.

Social Protection performs a series of payment checks on all PUP requests, both before and after the money is issued.

These eligibility probes continue as long as the person receives the cash.

Once these checks are cleared, the Department processes the payments based on the claimant’s self-declaration.

As soon as someone is deemed eligible to access the PUP and starts receiving the money, the investigations become more detailed and other state bodies get involved.

The Gardai attached to the special investigation unit performs post-payment checks that include verifying information against income records.

They focus on examining cases where the same bank account is used multiple times, or when an employer or members of the public report concerns about a person receiving the PUP.

Inspectors then use data analysis to identify and verify a claim, in addition to conducting employer inspections.

420,773 people received the PUP this week, with a total cost valued at 125.4 million euros.

More than 90,000 beneficiaries also received a late surprise payment on Tuesday, amounting to some 49 million euros.

An Garda Siochana learned that people are receiving fraudulent calls from a person posing as a designated official of the Department of Social Protection.

As part of the scam, the person claiming to be from the Department asks people to verify their name, PPS number and, in some cases, their bank account details.

Gardai advised members of the public to be wary of such calls and not to contact the caller or return the call.

Via | Dublin live