Five days locked up in a CIE in the United Kingdom: the odyssey of the young Spanish woman for not having a passport

The British Association The 3 Million, which is in charge of looking after the interests of European citizens, has advised her.

The 25-year-old Spanish woman held in a CIE in the United Kingdom after making a bureaucratic mistake when trying to enter the country last Monday has been released and he will be able to spend the quarantine with his sister, who lives in London, a close friend of the young woman informed Efe.

The friend of the young Valencian – who has been nicknamed “María” to preserve her identity – admitted that they do not know the reasons for this decision, although it points to “media or diplomatic pressure.”

María, explained the source, continues without her passport and is awaiting the resolution of her case, although “in a much better and much safer environment” than the Yarl’s Wood Immigration Removal Center, whose record of malpractice includes allegations of sexual abuse by staff in the past, according to human rights organizations.

There he had remained five days since his arrival in the United Kingdom, isolated, under “degrading” treatment and without access to their belongings. A situation that a friend of María made known through social networks.


The young woman has received advice from the British association The 3 Million, which is responsible for ensuring the interests of European citizens who face the bureaucracy imposed after Brexit.

The 3 Million’s Chief of Policy and Defense, Luke Piper, told Efe who explained to the young woman’s relatives “who they should contact” to help Maria, and is confident that the case is moving “in the right direction.”

The activist claimed that Maria’s It is not an isolated case and that “he does not think it will be the last”, so he is currently trying to “find similar testimonies” and encourages everyone who knows someone in the same situation to ask for help or to contact his NGO .

It is unknown how many community members have been detained in deportation centers while trying to enter the United Kingdom since the consummation of Brexit on December 31.

For this reason, Piper stressed that, if it were not for cases like María’s, which allow the stories to be publicly known, it is “very difficult to find out.”