Firecracker Ground Turkey The most popular recipe on my blog so far this year! I…

Firecracker Ground Turkey 🔥The most popular recipe on my blog so far this year! I can see why. It’s a one-pot, 15-minute meal that is packed with flavor but so low in points/cals. ⁣
This is probably my favorite lunch prep, especially after a long weekend of indulging. Anyone else currently having one of those weekends? 🤣⁣
I’ll be prepping this tomorrow afternoon to get back on track for the week. Since it’s so freaking hot, I don’t think I can spend much more than 15 minutes cooking anyway. I’ll cook up some rice and prep 4 containers with brown rice and this deliciousness. Easy, low point lunches that are even better when reheated. ⁣
1/4 of the recipe is 230 cals, 2 SP on Purple/Blue, and 4 SP on Green. That’s a pretty big portion, so you could definitely cut that down for more meals at lower points. ⁣
📸 cred for this one goes to Rachael ww_sweet_eats. I love scrolling through my tags and seeing your lovely food photos. I’m still in awe that there are people out there who cook my food creations and share them with their friends. My hearts bursts every time!⁣ thank you, Rachael and all of the rest of you!
Recipe link in bio –> litecravings, or google “lite cravings firecracker turkey.”

24 thoughts on “Firecracker Ground Turkey The most popular recipe on my blog so far this year! I…”

  1. Love this recipe! I just made it with broccoli and it was so good, but adding the pineapple as mentioned in the other comments may just be the perfect combo for me!

  2. Do you think that you could use brown sugar substitute to lighten up the carbs? I’m not sure how it cooks up.

  3. Ooh I’ll have to try this! Your lettuce wraps are on my menu this week, they are a staple in my house!

  4. This is my favorite recipe of yours and I make it all the time! So good and quick and easy to make. I also recommended your website to my WW meeting as the best place for new and delicious recipes!

  5. Sweet Jesus… I just made this and it is beyond good. I swapped out brown sugar for Monk Fruit sweetener so I can out all my WW points into the rice I’m having with it 😜

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