Feeling a little emotional, so please bear with me while I vent before I explain…

Feeling a little emotional, so please bear with me while I vent before I explain the pic.

I’m limping towards finals week (next week), just barely hanging on as I say goodbye to my students with whom I share a strange bond. We got through this anomaly of a semester together, but we barely know each other. In a normal semester, I’ve had time to bond with these inspiring young people, talking after class or before, chatting in the hallways, giving them advice like I was given when I was in college. Today was my last day of Zoom class, and it just felt so… empty. Normally, we would have a potluck while students finished in their peer review groups. We would all reflect on how we’ve grown thougout the past few months.There would be chatting and laughing. Some would hug me on the way out. Today, I waved goodbye to a bunch of static pictures as some unmuted to say thank you before pressing that “leave meeting” button. Did they get anything from my class? Was this a waste of time? Could I have done better?

Past habits dictate that today would be the exact kind of day when I would binge. There would be trips to multiple fast food places, all food eaten in my car to hide the shame from everyone in my life. I would find a public trashcan to dispose of the evidence so no one would know.

Anticipating that this week would be tough, I prepped my Light Caesar Dressing and defrosted some salmon. If I wasn’t up for cooking, at least I could throw this together. And if I chose the binge, so be it. But at least I had another option.

I’m super proud of myself for choosing to eat this, honestly, decadent-tasting salad! The fast food would have left me feeling even emptier, sick, and bloated. Tonight, I feel satisfied and proud of myself. I will have binge days in the future, I’m sure,,and that’s okay. But today I chose to stop the spiral.

Recipe link for the Light Caesar Dressing is in my profile –>litecravings. Or google “lite cravings Caesar” and it will pop right up. This dressing is almost always inmy refrigerator. It’s truly better than anything I’ve had in a restaurant and is only 1 SP for 2 tbsp or 2 SP for 1/4 cup!!! You can’t beat that.

24 thoughts on “Feeling a little emotional, so please bear with me while I vent before I explain…”

  1. Teaching is so bloody weird this year. I know teachers are working harder than ever and getting seemingly so little back. I have three kids learning remotely and I can assure you they are all growing through strange Zoom lessons and I am CERTAIN your students are too!

  2. Geri! Thank you for being so real in this post. I am SO proud of you for prepping that dressing, and anticipating that trigger, that multiple fast food places, public trash can scenario hit all sorts of close to home so I know how proud you should be for making this choice!! Im sure you made a difference to those students! I can’t imagine how empty that whole situation can feel in contrast to the norm of so much connection. You guided these kids thru such a weird year and time, and I’m sure you made a difference, simply because you care so much 😊❤️

  3. I feel this deeply – even up to the secret car food disposed of in public trash cans… but I’m so proud that however small, we have chosen to do better for ourselves. Happy end of semester friend, hope the next is easier on our emotions having been through the first. ♥️♥️

  4. Also – I freaking LOVE this recipe so thanks for the reminder to stick it back on my menu (or just have as an option in my fridge!)

  5. As a grad student, I can tell you that your students are probably way more appreciative of your class than you think ❤️

  6. Your students got YOU this semester which made all the difference for them even if the expression of that gratitude is different this year. Know you make a difference in student lives on a daily basis. That is hard work but oh so needed especially in 2020. Here’s to a more TOGETHER semester in 2021 – even if it’s not til Fall. ❤️❤️❤️

  7. 😩😩😩This post. My heart! This year for everyone. On so many levels.😩🤦🏻‍♀️🤬A+ on the food prep at least. I SO can’t say the same of myself in recent weeks…😣Stay well, friend…

  8. This made me tear up a bit. I have teachers who I remember to this day because they changed my life. You definitely sound like one of those life changer teachers! The highlight of my school year was to get to hug them and hand them a carefully chosen present my mom had bought for them. I can’t imagine how you felt just staring at screens and not getting that interaction all good teachers long for. I’m sending lots of hugs your way! 🤗 Let’s hope 2021 brings back some sense of normalcy. ❤️

  9. I feel you. I teach 4 year olds and every day is difficult without hugs, singing and playing. But I’m most impressed and inspired by your reflecting on an iffy situation and planning for it to play out differently!!!

  10. As a fellow teacher, I completely and totally understand how you feel! What an extremely different school year this has been. ❤️

  11. This looks amazing!! I’m sorry I can’t imagine what it must be like to be a teacher during this 💕

  12. Got tears in my eyes reading this because I relate to this so much! My favorite part of teaching is the relationships I get to build with my students and without them it can make the work feel empty and sometimes pointless 💔
    Ps. I’m working on my masters and have learned so much from my professors this semester. Even thought a screen. I’m sure your dedication to your students didn’t go unnoticed by them!

  13. 🙏🏻👑thinking of you and sending positive energy with light 🌺🤩 l also what to thank you for all of your beautiful recipes l just found your page 15 minutes ago and I already want to make everything on here 😂😂😂😂and believe me I will!!!😂😂 you make a difference and food is comforting it’s made with love 💕 have a beautiful blessed day 🙏🏻

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