Facebook Workplace reaches 7 million paying users and prepares news

workplace by facebook
workplace by facebook
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Facebook Workplace, Facebook’s collaborative tool, which allows employees of large companies to use their own environment where they can share communications, projects, documentation … with other co-workers, either in the office or remotely, just surpassed 7 million paying users.

Facebook Workplace removed its free version two months ago

It’s about a 40% increase over the previous yearAlthough it should be noted that the company eliminated its free plans at the end of 2020, which has undoubtedly caused many companies to have decided to switch to a paid plan so as not to lose the tool they were previously using.

Facebook Workplace users

Facebook ensures that the growth of Facebook Workplace is due to the changes in the way of working that the pandemic has imposed, something that has surely also influenced, in addition to the recent news launched, such as a new security center. Among its main clients worldwide are Telefónica, AstraZeneca, Starbucks or the NGO Save The Children, among others.

In addition to announcing this growth, the head of Facebook Corporate Communications in Europe, Alexandru Voica, has shared in a thread on Twitter the main news that Facebook Workplace is preparing to continue offering service to its paying customers.

The manager has not indicated when the news will arrive officially, although he has shared some screenshots of how they will be. The news are as follows:

-Digital Encounters. Facebook Workplace is developing a new format for holding digital meetings in the form of “Questions and Answers” that allow a more direct relationship between company leaders and workers.

Q&A Facebook Workplace

-Inclusive tools. Facebook Workplace will include new features that allow workers to express how they feel and who they are. For example, a function is being developed that will include, along with the profile name, how it is pronounced. Thus in large companies, there will be no problem when appointing an employee from another country whose name cannot be pronounced correctly.

-Integration with other tools. The company is working to develop extensions and plugins that allow Facebook Workplace to be integrated into other common work tools in corporate environments, such as Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, SharePoint, Event Calendars …

Along with this, the company is holding digital events this May with employees of different corporations to understand their work reality and develop tools to meet their future needs.