Facebook will penalize anyone who shares fake news

reject friendship facebook
reject friendship facebook
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Reject Friendship Facebook

Facebook continues to look for ways to fight misinformation on the social network and has launched more measures to prevent users from consuming or sharing fake news, in addition to those it has been adopting in recent months to prevent the spread of hoaxes on issues. such as the origin of COVID, vaccines or political information.

Facebook has launched three new measures to fight misinformation

The three novelties that Facebook launches as of today are the following:

1. Notice about Pages that routinely share misinformation. From now on, when a user goes to “like” a Page that frequently shares misinformation, a screen will appear warning them of this. “This page has repeatedly shared false information. Independent fact-checkers have verified that this information is false ”, reads the message that will be displayed, as can be seen in the image.

Facebook disinformation

Along with the notice, Facebook will give the user the possibility to choose between three options: obtain more information about the page, detailing the reasons why it is considered to spread misinformation; go back and give up following that profile or “like” it anyway. Likewise, the user who wishes may access a Page with information about the Facebook fact-checking program.

2. Penalties for users who share false news. Facebook will also apply stronger sanctions to profiles that repeatedly share disinformation. When the social network registers this behavior, it will reduce the distribution of these users’ posts. The intention of the company is to place these publications in the lower area of ​​the update feed to reduce their visibility.

3. Redesigned notices. Although Facebook already sends a notification to users who share false information, it has now redesigned these notices to be easier to understand and provide more context. These new notifications will include a fact-checker article explaining why that information is false.

Facebook warning against misinformation

In addition, the user will be able to share that fact-checker denial with his followers. There is also a warning that says that if you continue to share false information, your publications will be penalized so that they reach fewer users.