Facebook maintains Trump’s ban

facebook maintains trump's ban
facebook maintains trump's ban

On January 7, Facebook took the decision to ban the now former US president Donald Trump from its social networks, Facebook and Instagram. This happened in response to inflammatory posts surrounding the storming of the Capitol and the spreading of disinformation. This week, Facebook’s so-called Office of Supervision reviewed the decision to ban Trump from Facebook and Instagram .

Permanent ban inappropriate

They came to the conclusion that Facebook has acted correctly, but strongly advise the social network to reassess the ban in six months. The Bureau of Trustees decided on this urgent advice because they believe it was inappropriate to ban Trump forever.

Normally, in similar cases, in addition to removing content that violates the rules, a temporary penalty is imposed. The user can then, for example, not post any more for a few days or weeks.

Capitol Riots

The riots at the Capitol, partly fueled by Trump via Facebook, were the reason for the lifelong ban. (Photo via: Colin Lloyd on Unsplash )
Freedom of speech
In addition, the Bureau of Supervision has also made some policy recommendations that Facebook should implement in developing clear, necessary and proportionate policies that promote public safety and respect freedom of expression.

As a result of the findings and recommendations of Facebook’s Office of Supervision, much criticism has been voiced online and in other media about the working method. Facebook is accused of, among other things, that the mandate of the Office of Supervision is too limited to really intervene if necessary.