Excavations and clean-up begin near Wheatfield prison as ‘investigative work’ begins

excavations and clean up begin near wheatfield prison as investigative work
excavations and clean up begin near wheatfield prison as investigative work

Excavation and cleanup has begun near a Dublin prison as “research work” begins for a new project.

People Before Profit councilor Hazel De Nortúin confirmed last night that the work being done near the Wheatfield prison is for an affordable housing plan.

Workers have been clearing the land for more than a week and the investigation of the site will continue until June.

The Ballyfermot / Drimnagh councilor said: “I’ve been asked what’s going on on the green behind Wheatfield Jail.

“I asked management and they said, ‘They are cleaning the site and doing site research for the affordable housing project.’

She added: “They will be there for the next week and if I get any other information, I will pass it on.”

Meanwhile, a major housing development for 1,200 homes in North Dublin has been criticized as a “developer love deal”.

The plan for the site in Ballymastone, Donabate was approved by a large majority of 31 votes to nine by the Fingal County City Council despite opposition from Sinn Fein, the Social Democrats and Solidarity.

Work had been done over the past three years to bring the housing plan to fruition, and Glenveagh Homes were ready to deliver it over the next 10 years.

It will include 20% social housing, 20% affordable housing and 60% private housing, with 11% of the site used as open public space with small parks and pocket parks in close proximity to the housing. Community facilities are also proposed, including parks, nurseries, electric vehicle charging points and better transport links.

The site at Ballymastone in Donabate

Fingal County Council Executive Director AnnMarie Farrelly said: “Our government mandate is to provide housing and, since 2015, we have used many mechanisms to ensure the construction of affordable, private and social housing in Fingal.

“We have spent the last three years developing this particular model, which can generate mixed tenure residential development as outlined in the Donabate Local Area Plan. I would like to thank the councilors for their overwhelming support of our effort to improve the housing supply in Fingal “.

But the plan was criticized as another development in support of the developers rather than the public. The sale will entail the sale of a large tract of land to Glenveagh Living Ltd for € 11 million.

The deal sees Glenveagh acquiring sites at an average of just € 15,000 each, less than half of Dublin’s current estimated market value of € 30,000 to € 35,000 per site.

You can find more information about the offer here.

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