Everything you need to know about the Alcatel 1 SE camera


Let’s first see the technical Alcatel 1SE. The rear camera consists of three lenses: the main 13MP, a 5MP wide angle and a 2MP depth, while the selfie is 5MP. Taking this information into account, let’s now see the performance of the device.

The design of the camera interface is quite simple, practical and with the most useful at hand. There are not as many tools as Slow motion, Rapid Camera and those things, but the basics are in case you are interested in creating content.

What I highlight about this menu is the Manual photography for its ISO, white balance, exposure, contrast, and saturation options. Let’s say you have the complete kit to have some control in case the automatic images come out grainy. The reader of QR code, so you no longer download an application, and Filters, because that way you avoid lowering the quality of your captures when passing your photos through the Instagram software or other apps. The downside is that there are a limited number of filters and you can’t download more.

The Portrait mode It has basic tools such as smooth, lighten, enlarge and reduce. I think it is enough for an average user and we recommend not putting everything to the maximum, because it feels artificial. What I do recommend is taking the captures in environments without saturation of light or against light, as I do in the video. The crop becomes adequate if the light is correct, but loses a bit of detail if it is not. You will not have control over the background, which will always be blurred in the same way.

ALCATEL 1 SE | Camera review

alcatel 1 se camera

The Night mode Let’s say it is compliant. Here I took two captures, one just turning off the backup LED light and the other turning off all the lights. By removing only the LED light, the result is acceptable, but removing all artificial light, and still having a little afternoon light through the window, the photo comes out totally dark.

Thinking of the everyday user, I highlight the functions of the HDR so close at hand and opening so that you can play with the focus depending on what you are looking for.

Being a little more technical, the sizes available for captures are from 13MP in a 4: 3 ratio to 2.4MP in a 16: 9 ratio. In case of videos, you can record from 1080p HD up to 480 SD. You can also practice your photographic composition with a Golden Ratio frame, something caught my attention, because some mobiles only have a grid.

ALCATEL 1 SE | Unboxing

alcatel 1 se camera

After seeing all these tools, I already think I can talk about the quality of the images. The cell phone responds well in environments with adequate light outdoors. When it comes to interiors, the system makes some details look washed out, just like zooming in and quality is lost. At the very least, to fix this problem, you’ll need to have HDR and AI scene detection turned on. As the system throws a little more color and shine and those washed details are better defined.

What the system does suffer a bit is with the Wide angle. You should also be aware of the light, because at least indoors there are details that wash away even with HDR activated. Outdoors, the situation improves in the right conditions and the perspective does meet what Alcatel offers.

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