Epic Games Expert Says iOS Could Be MacOS

42013 81462 mac and iphone xl.jpg
42013 81462 mac and iphone xl.jpg

An expert witness from Epic Games laid the groundwork for an argument that Apple could make iOS more like macOS. The idea is that it resembles in terms of application distribution and third-party access without suffering in security.

An Epic Games Expert Says iOS Could Be Like MacOS, With No Security Issues

During his testimony on Friday, Harvard University Computer Science Professor James Mickens exposed the differences between iOS and macOS to Judge Yvonne González Rogers. Some of the key areas of the operating system distinction include security, application distribution, and access to third-party applications.

For example, Mickens says that Apple’s app review process provides greatly reduced security benefits over iOS’s built-in defenses. This is due to mechanisms such as “sandboxing”, which prevents the application from interacting with other parts of the operating system.

At another point, when asked by Judge González Rogers if iOS is more secure than macOS, Mickens said he believed it was not “significantly more secure.”

Additionally, Mickens said that opening iOS to third-party app stores would not make a “significant difference in users’ security experience.” If Apple were to open iOS, it wouldn’t prevent users from only getting apps from the App Store, he added.

In response to the third-party access comment, Judge González Rogers said Mickens had “made a good point,” but noted that she is concerned about the numbers.
At other times during his testimony, Mickens said it would be trivial to port security features like malware scanning and notarization to iOS.

Mickens ‘testimony defends a crux of Epic Games’ argument against the iOS App Store. Epic Notes Apple says both iOS and macOS are safe, although Apple doesn’t enforce the same restrictions on Mac. This apparent disconnect could undermine Apple’s claims that security and privacy are at the heart of the iOS App Store rules. .