E-Trike, the electric tricycle that seeks your support to bring its crazy idea to the market

E-Trike, the electric tricycle that seeks your support to bring its crazy idea to the market
e trike, the electric tricycle that seeks your support to bring

Electric mobility has brought us a surprising market in which many newly minted brands, created by professionals who have decided to start their own projects and finance them in the heat of crowdfunding platforms, take risks with their ideas and concepts, presenting some models that, What this E-Trike, they go a step beyond the usual.

On this occasion, we have on the table a project from Germany that uses a format already known as the tricycle, electric in this case, and that offers enormous versatility, handling and control under any circumstance. So much so, that up on it you will think that you are going on a jet ski … on land.

Electric, tiltable and fast

As we said, this E-Trike is the project of a German businessman, Oguzhan Abayrak, who has developed an original concept of electric mobility where we do not sit on a saddle, but we move practically standing up, on two folding footrests and anchored to each of the rear wheels, and that we can lean on the handlebars to guarantee balance.

E-Trike functional prototype.

This lean of the body will allow the E-Trike to better take the curves and gain in grip and maneuverability. For it, This electric tricycle is powered by a 500 watt motor installed on the front wheel, where the powerful disc brakes on both the front and rear axles are also present.

Of course, although it seems to have power to give and take, its creators have not wanted to play with the safety of those who drive it and for that reason its speed will be only 20 kilometers per hour, for a model that will function, technically, like a scooter that is flooding cities. So much so, that its removable battery will offer a range of 35 kilometers. An amount more than enough to move effectively from one place to another in the locality in which we live.

Although the prototype that they have shown, and that you can see how it is through the official Kickstarter page, does not contemplate this possibility, Oguzhan Abayrak says they are also working on making it foldable, to take it if necessary to our place of residence in summer or to any excursion in which we need a small alternative means of transport. If you are interested in adding your contribution by buying one of these E-Trikes, You can do it for a price of 3,900 euros with a shipping date for September of this year.