Does it seem like a little to silence a WhatsApp chat for a year? You will soon have more

 Does it seem like a little to silence a WhatsApp chat for a year?  You will soon have more
Does It Seem Like A Little To Silence A Whatsapp

Silencing a WhatsApp chat is something that we have all done at some time, especially in the cases of those conversations, individual or group, that do not stop receiving updates every few seconds. Those threads in which if you stop looking for ten minutes, when you return you have 200 or more unread messages. Crazy.

To combat that WhatsApp-bombing, the Facebook app devised a muted, muted system, which currently offers us three alternatives: eight hours, one week and one year. Something that is going to change in the coming weeks and whose first options have been seen in the beta for Android, where some of these options disappear and a new one enters that, the truth, makes perfect sense.

Like the Spielberg movie

WhatsApp has thought that the same thing about mute a chat for a whole year doesn’t have much reason to exist because what we really want to do is leave it off forever. So in the Android beta that has just been published,, those 365 days that we had until now maximum are removed to change it to “Always”, in such a way that nobody will bother us in that chat until we enter again in the same menu to modify those settings.

Mute a WhatsApp chat during …

This WhatsApp decision makes perfect sense because while the eight-hour silence can be applied to a specific work emergency, on a specific day where we cannot be distracted, and one week for a small vacation we take, the one-year-old had no possible explanation except to put into practice that old Javier Clemente tactic (Spain football coach in the 90s) of the “patapúm p’arriba”, which only serves to postpone the problem until the following year when we will renew that silence for another twelve months.

With that mute forever WhatsApp makes us really stop remembering those really inconsequential chats that only distract us from other more important things. Although if, despite this silence, you want notifications to appear when you enter the app, a box has also appeared in the beta that we can check and that will show us the total number of messages that we have unread. Right now, that function appears by default, so if we leave it disabled (as on the screen) even those notices will not be visible next to the chat name.

A change that seems small and that, hopefully, comes as soon as possible Because the writer already has a list of several chats that will proceed to mute “Always” as soon as it is available. You don’t?