Do you have to set up an urgent video call? Here you can do it in one click

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1621779071 2021 05 14 15 12 07.jpg

We live in the age of immediacy and we get everything at an impressive speed. If we want to communicate with someone, the messaging is in real time. If we look for information, we obtain it in a single movement, even by issuing the order to a smartphone. Therefore, we will present you a service that will allow you to establish video calls in one click.

Its name is YouOgle and in addition to being free, it stands out for its fast way of establishing communication.

Free video calls in just one click

When we think of video calling services, we notice that the most popular ones are not too fast to say. We always have to download a program, create an account or some extra step to start talking to others. However, we do not always have the time to carry out all these processes and therefore it is always appropriate to have an alternative available. This alternative is YouOgle, a one-click video calling service that is completely free and requires no registration.

In that sense, we are talking about an option in which you only need to click a button to create the room and share the link. This means that creating a video call with this service is a matter of a mere 15 seconds or less.

But the fact that it is a free service and that it works so fast does not mean that it does not offer extra options. This is perhaps its most interesting point considering that it offers the same utilities that we can find in Zoom or Google Meet. In this way you can share the screen, mute your microphone, access a chat box and even enable Picture In Picture mode.

If the conventional alternatives to communicate are not working at some point and you need a quick option, YouOgle is a great option. It has nothing to envy to Zoom and Google Meet and has the ability to establish video calls in just one click.

To prove it, follow this link.