Did you know that Bizum can be sent from WhatsApp? How and in which banks is it available

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It was in 2018 when we started to hear that WhatsApp It was going to incorporate this new service that, due to the information that arrives, could be very similar to platforms such as the Spanish Bizum, which has experienced significant growth in recent years as an option to send money instantly.

Bizum: a service that is sweeping Spain

Bizum has become a success story. The mobile payment solution for Spanish banks closed 2020 with 13.6 million users, more than double the number it had at the end of the previous year (6.25 million), with a growth rate of 20,100 daily registrations. With this, the goal for the year of reaching 12 million users was widely exceeded.

As we have commented above, WhatsApp already has a money transfer service to other users through your app, but eIn Spain this platform option is not yet available, but this does not mean that we cannot receive and send money through WhatsApp.

How and in which banks can you send money by WhatsApp with Bizum

Bizum comes to WhatsApp and allows you to send and receive money. It is a new keyboard function in the same courier service. Without a doubt, a way to combine the best of both applications. To use it you must add a keyboard that operates with Bizum (such as BBVA, compatible with iOS and Android), and configure the settings. You will have it accessible from the same button you use to switch to emoticons. We review:

  1. In your WhatsApp list, the people you have recently made a Bizum appear
  2. You choose a contact.
  3. Select the amount
  4. You enter your password and voilà!

To return to the usual QWERTY keyboard, you must undo the previous operation on both iOS and Android. When you have to send money by WhatsApp simply repeat the operation selecting the BBVA Cashup keyboard.

Through the messaging service, the transaction with Bizum is done instantly and a notice is sent informing the user. As it is an immediate money transfer, the recipient will receive a message in the messaging application itself. However, the recipient must be registered with the Bizum payment service.

Only the BBVA bank has this function

At the moment only the BBVA bank allows you to send Bizum through the WhatsApp platform, the rest of the banks have not yet implemented this function that is having so much success among the users who use it.