Days Gone works better on an RTX 2060 than it does on PS5, according to DigitalFoundry, wasn’t it going to have an RTX 2080 Ti?

days gone 1 1000x600.jpg
days gone 1 1000x600.jpg

DigitalFoundry has published an extensive technical analysis of Days Gone on PC, where they have not only assessed the performance and quality of the compatible version, but also they have faced the one of PS5, and the result is not only really interesting, but it also confirms everything that we told you at the time in this article, dedicated to reviewing the five most important myths in order to assemble a PC similar to PS5.

Before getting into the subject I want to remind you that the requirements of Days Gone in its version for PC already suggested, implicitly, that it was going to be a pretty affordable title, and in the end we can confirm that it has been. This game works well even on a modest GTX 970, and scales wonderfully on any mid-range graphics card, including the Radeon RX 5700 and RTX 2060.

Indeed, Days Gone has been ported to the PC with great mastery, the optimization is good, and the graphic quality improvements are so marked that this version looks better than the PS5 version and no, we don’t need high-end hardware to enjoy it in all its splendor.

Days Gone: PS5 vs PC, what graphics settings does Sony’s console use?

Days gone

The PS5 version uses rescaling to reach 4K, which means that it does not render natively in that resolution, and that it starts from a much smaller base, 1,920 x 2,160 pixels, and rescale using the technique Checkerboard. This is noticeable in many scenes, and in fact it is easy to appreciate the graphical failures that are generated in certain elements, such as the closest shadows, the hair of the characters and the fur of the animals. The reconstruction system used shows that we are facing rescaled resolution, and the difference compared to native 4K on PC is great.

Regarding graphics settings, DigitalFoundry makes a very extensive tour by the most important and concludes that Days Gone on PS5 uses the following settings in its most important settings:

  • illumination: high quality, one notch below the maximum in PC.
  • Textures: quality inferior to the low PC mode, in fact there are errors that affect the graphic quality of some elements, such as the oil leak from the motorcycle, which looks terribly bad on PS5.
  • Volumetric lighting and clouds: medium quality, has some minor rendering errors that are not seen on a high quality PC.
  • View distance: custom setting, with the equivalent of very high at close ranges and slightly less than high mode at far distances.
  • Geometry quality: Equivalent to high mode on PC.
  • Shades: it is also equivalent to high mode on PC.

Loading times on PC too they are much smaller, Which suggests that Days Gone for PS5 hasn’t been properly optimized to really take advantage of the SSD in Sony’s new console, but how do those settings, and the performance of the PS5 version, compare to a current PC?

Digital Foundry has set up Days Gone on a PC equipped with a Ryzen 5 3600, which has 6 cores and 12 threads, and not 8 cores and 16 threads like PS5, has accompanied it with a 6GB RTX 2060, a mid-range graphics card, and has applied the most similar graphics settings to the settings used by the PS5 version, with the particularity that, in some cases, such as the quality of the textures, what It has been set way over the top.

The result is great, since as we can see in the video the performance that Days Gone presents with that hardware, and that configuration, is above the PS5 version. In some areas we find values ​​of more than 80 FPS, and generally they stay stable above 60 FPS almost permanently, with occasional drops limited to the most intense moments, such as battles with hordes of monsters.

Are you surprised that an RTX 2060 can move Days Gone better than a PS5? Well, it shouldn’t, at least if you’re one of our regular readers, since we’ve already talked about this topic, and of the «hype» and false information that revolved around the PS5 GPU, on previous occasions. We also saw that Control performed better on this NVIDIA graphics solution.