Come Browse With Me, a tool to share your web browsing session

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1621808952 2021 05 06 10 01 20.jpg

Surfing the internet is something that is part of our day to day today. However, new concepts are always appearing that aim to generate solutions for a certain sector of users. In that sense, we have found a very interesting tool, aimed at sharing web browsing. In this way, several people will be able to join together to see the same thing on the internet.

Its name is Come Browse With Me and as its name implies, the idea is to invite the users we need to browse with us.

So you can share web browsing with multiple users

The use cases of a service like this are multiple and the truth is not too strange. In other words, we live in an age where screen sharing is quite common. In this sense, sharing the web browsing session can be seen as a more specific modality of this mechanism. That is, instead of sharing the full screen, we will only be sharing what we do in the browser. In this way, you will be able to show presentations, do debugging sessions of some development and more.

The Come Browse With Me service is completely free and best of all, you don’t need registration. In this way, to start sharing your web browsing session, you will only have to enter the website.

Once inside, you will receive a button in the center of the screen identified as “Create Meeting”. This will generate a session with a link that you must share with the people who will enter your navigation. The interface of this session is made up of a chat box on the right side and the rest of the screen will be occupied by the browser.

When everyone signs in, they will be able to see what you are doing in the browser and interact from the chat. In this way, you can concentrate several people to share your web browsing in work or entertainment dynamics.

To test the service, follow this link.