Chrome OS follows the path of the browser and will be updated monthly

chromebook 1000x600.jpg
chromebook 1000x600.jpg

Upgrades the faster the better are the order of the day and Chrome OS, the operating system based on the Chrome browser, will follow the path set by it, advancing its launch cycle to the monthly model.

This “revolution” began with Chrome, in fact: Google’s browser broke with traditional schemes, in which a new version came out when it was ready, and not before. Cycles of eight weeks, six weeks … Once Chrome was ready for the masses and its market share was rising like foam, it did not take long for the rest of the browsers to adapt to the new development model.

There were even those who went further. This is the case of Firefox, which has accelerated its launch rate since 2020, publishing a new version of the browser every month. Google will act in the same way with Chrome, as announced at the beginning of the year; and shortly after it will do the same with Chrome OS, as it has just been announced today on the Chromium blog, which in the end is the basis of everything.

In short, it will be from the launch of Chrome 93 late August when the current six-week cycle gives way to the monthly one, with Chrome 94 looming at the end of September and to continue rolling, as long as there are no unforeseen events, needless to add. In the case of Chrome OS, the change of pace will happen with the release of version 96, scheduled for late November, early December.

There will be no overlap between versions of Chrome and Chrome OS, however, since the lag between the releases of both -whose development goes evenly because everything is born from Chromium- Google will correct it by skipping version 95. Thus, once they arrive both Chrome and Chrome 96, the monthly release cadence will be the regular one for the project.

The objective of this ‘acceleration’ is the one that has been wielded from the beginning and serves in the same way for the browser and for the operating system that governs Chromebooks: to bring the news that are being implemented with greater urgency to the users of the software.

On the other hand, business and educational users of Chrome OS will have a different formula, with regular updates only with security patches, and semi-annual cumulative updates that include all the news released from the corresponding version. A model that is quite reminiscent of the one carried out by Mozilla with Firefox ESR, the corporate version of the web browser.