Chrome 91 is 23% faster and uses less memory thanks to JavaScript

1622196365 google chrome 3 1000x600.jpg
1622196365 google chrome 3 1000x600.jpg

This same week Google released the new version of Chrome 91, the most recent update of its web browser, which, although it did not represent a particularly large jump compared to the previous version, did offer some quite interesting update in the security and functionality sections. However, it seems that its appeal will not be limited only to that.

And is that, after the death of Flash, the company has opted for support your browser in JavaScript. A decision that although it will surely not be to everyone’s taste, with JavaScript performance being a web browser nightmare, it seems to have achieved that Chrome 91 is significantly faster and uses less memory, words that never cease to surprise and please us in relation to this browser.

Chrome consumes less RAM

As Google has explained, they have developed something of a compromise between starting a JavaScript program quickly and making it work fast, which often means starting more slowly. This is thanks to a new Sparkplug compiler for the V8 JavaScript engine using Chrome which the company claims produced speed improvements of up to 23%.

Additionally, Chrome 91 also uses a well-known trick in software optimization, where the code is packed closer in memory so that the CPU doesn’t jump when performing the most basic operations. Google says this improvement is even more relevant for devices powered by Apple’s powerful M1 chip, such as the Mac M1 and the new iPad Pro M1.

Although it is arguably the most popular and most widely used browser in the world, Chrome is also widely regarded as a hoarder of resources, both in CPU and memory. And is that this 23% speed increase is not a minor matter, and may even translate into other advantages such as better energy use management, extending the battery life a bit on laptops and mobile devices.