Chrome 91 arrives with the new clipboard to attach files

2021 05 26 13 03 49.jpg
2021 05 26 13 03 49.jpg

If Google Chrome has something to applaud, it’s its constantly updating system. We can always count on Google’s browser will bring new features, improvements and exciting features to the application. In this way, Chrome 91 begins to land on all computers with a series of very interesting improvements, where the clipboard for attaching files stands out above all.

If you frequently attaching files to email or uploading documents to any platform, this function will be right at your finger.

Chrome 91 and the clipboard to attach files

chrome 91 arrives,clipboard,attach files

chrome 91 arrives,clipboard,attach files

A few weeks ago we mentioned that in the flags section of Chrome’s experimental feature to copy and paste files was to attach. As always, these experimental features found in this section as a test, to appear late in the stable release. This is exactly what happened with Chrome and the clipboard for attaching files, which is now available to everyone in version 91.

The operation of this feature is excellent and allows us to move much faster on tasks to do. For example, attaching several documents to an email or uploading them to some platform to transfer files will not take more than a few seconds, while you copy and paste.

But the new version of Chrome brings more than the clipboard for attaching files. Another excellent novelty is the hardening of the File System API. The idea of ​​this feature, according to the Chrome developers, is that websites can suggest locations or names for files that are uploaded or downloaded.

Additionally, Chrome 91 incorporates a whole series of improvements that will be of great help to developers. The list is quite extensive and you can know it in detail by following this link.

To know if your Chrome has been updated, it will only be a matter of going to the Chrome menu, select Help and click “Google Chrome Information”. In case you don’t have version 91 yet, then you can update from this link.