Can you talk on WhatsApp without saving the number? We show you how

2021 05 24 12 39 25
2021 05 24 12 39 25

WhatsApp is undoubtedly the most used messaging platform in the world and has managed to transcend domestic use, to the corporate one. That is, through the platform, customer service, sales and more processes are also carried out. However, we do not always need or want to save a number to be able to write in this way. Therefore, we will show you how to communicate through WhatsApp without saving the phone number.

To achieve this, we will take advantage of the WhatsApp Helper service, an online application that will help us with this task.

So you can talk on WhatsApp without saving the number

By now we are all familiar with how WhatsApp works. That is, in its most basic sense, we know that we need to save the person’s number in our address book so that it can appear in the contact list. The problem appears when we are going to communicate with someone with whom we will speak only once. Here we are forced to save a number that perhaps we will no longer use and that we will even forget to erase. This is when WhatsApp Helper comes into play with the possibility of communicating without saving the number.

As it does? Its operation is really simple, taking advantage of the platform’s API to generate a direct link with the telephone number to which we will communicate. It should also be noted that we are talking about a completely free service and for which you will not need to register.

Once you enter the WhatsApp Helper website, you are greeted by two numeric fields. In the first you will have to enter the area code of the country and in the second the WhatsApp phone number of the person to whom you will write. As you enter the data, a link is generated at the bottom. At the end, all you have to do is click it to display WhatsApp Desktop or WhatsApp Web with a conversation window.

Immediately, you can start communicating as you normally do, with the difference that you will not have the number saved in your address book. Thus, you can talk to whoever you want on WhatsApp without having to save the number.

To go to WhatsApp Helper, follow this link.