Boris Johnson’s phone number is public: it has been available on the Internet for more than 15 years

boris johnsons phone number is public
boris johnsons phone number is public

The contact appeared in a press release from Johnson’s time as Secretary of State for Higher Education in 2006 and is still online.

The mobile phone number of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson carries the latest 15 years circulating on the internet within the reach of anyone, according to several local media points this Friday.

The conservative leader’s direct contact was reportedly listed at the bottom of a press release from Johnson’s time as Secretary of State for Higher Education in 2006, a document that would remain available online in 2021.

Earlier this month, British Government officials they urged the Chief Executive to change his phone number, concerned about the number of people who contacted him directly.

Downing Street – the prime minister’s residence and official office – has made no comment on this matter to date.

In the aforementioned statement, journalists were encouraged to contact Johnson directly either through the office of the House of Commons or by calling your mobile phone.

Precisely the use of the “premier’s” telephone has also been the focus of the media recently after it was learned that he had exchanged text messages with businessman James Dyson and with him. Saudi Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, who were leaked to the press.

The British newspaper The Daily Telegraph indicated earlier this month that Simon Case, the country’s chief of officials, had suggested to Johnson that he change his number since the current number was too well known.

Labor MP Rachel Hopkins today pointed out to the BBC that the availability of this contact has implications for security, while former national security adviser Lord Ricketts warned that hostile states with “sophisticated cyber capabilities” or criminal gangs could access that number.