BlackMagic, a status bar on your Twitter avatar to measure your goal of followers

2021 05 26 12 21 23
2021 05 26 12 21 23

Twitter is one of those social networks that seems very solid in the leadership of the sector that they dominate. Their model is totally different from that of Instagram and the rest and at the moment they are bringing new options. However, it maintains in common with the rest the fact of having as a goal, amassing many followers. In that sense, we want to present you a service to add a status bar to your Twitter avatar in order to keep track of your followers goal.

This is BlackMagic, a very interesting option that allows us to see the status of our goal on the platform.

A status bar for your Twitter avatar

If you created a personal Twitter account or for a brand or product, your goal will always be to grow. That is, get many followers and many interactions so that your account is popular. In that sense, we must establish how many followers we hope to obtain in a specific time. Setting these types of goals is important to stay motivated and evaluate your account in a more objective way. For this reason, we have found the possibility of adding a status bar to the Twitter avatar with BlackMagic so interesting.

What this service does is keep track of our number of followers and the goal we have set. In this way, as your followers increase or decrease, you will see the status bar grow or decrease. It should be noted that the service is free and to start working, you will have to provide access to your Twitter account.

Once this step is completed, you will go to the work area where your avatar will be displayed and you can configure the goal. Thus, you can define whether to count for 10, 100, 1000, 10000 or the specific number of followers you want. Finally, enable the real-time update at the top of the interface and immediately, the status bar will be added to your Twitter avatar to monitor how close you are to your goal.

To prove it, follow this link.