Automatically notify your contacts that you no longer use WhatsApp

automatically notify your contacts that you no longer use whatsapp
automatically notify your contacts that you no longer use whatsapp

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The next day 15 th of May is the last day for accept the new WhatsApp conditions. The company has collected cable and has confirmed that it will not delete the account of those who do not accept, but it will cap it in such a way that it is practically mandatory to accept them. Since January, many people have decided to stop using WhatsApp and have switched to Signal or Telegram. Now, you have it easier than ever communicate to all your contacts that you have changed app.

Changing messaging applications is not an easy process. In Spain, having WhatsApp is practically essential to communicate with all users, although later in our day to day we use other apps with the closest people. Despite this, there are those who really value their privacy and prefer to stop using Facebook services.

If you make the decision, communicating one to one of your contacts that you are going to stop using WhatsApp is too tedious. Even using broadcast messages is uncomfortable if we have hundreds of contacts to notify us that we are going to stop using the application. Also, the feature is limited to 256 contacts, and we may have to do it multiple times to cover them all.

Watomatic: automated and customizable messages

Thus, Watomatic it can make life much easier for us. This open-source application for Android allows you to automatically reply to all WhatsApp messages with an automated message that indicates that you have switched to another application.

Its operation is simple: after installing it, the app will ask us for access to notifications, and with this it will automatically respond to all messages received by WhatsApp with the text we want. We can put, for example, that they can contact us through the same number in apps like Signal or Telegram, or the handle with the @ in Telegram.

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You can also filter by message type, preventing it from being sent to groups every time a message is sent to them. In individual chats we also have the option to limit the sending of the automated message to one per contact.

Also works for Facebook Messenger

The app not only works with WhatsApp, but it also works with Facebook Messenger, another of the apps that you should never use under any circumstances to send personal information because its messages are not encrypted unless you use secret chats. The advantage of Watomatic over other apps is that it only requires permission to read notifications, while others require complete control over WhatsApp.

This application is not only useful to stop using WhatsApp, but it can also be useful if we are going to go on vacation and we do not want to read the messages they send us. Before installing it, you can check its source code on GitHub to make sure that no malware is going to be installed on you. In addition, the app is safe and can be installed from the Play Store itself. We leave you the link below to install it on Android mobiles.

Watomatic - Auto Reply for WhatsApp & Facebook
Watomatic - Auto Reply for WhatsApp & Facebook


Watomatic – Auto Reply for WhatsApp & Facebook
Developer: Deekshith Allamaneni