Audials, an ad-free podcast and radio experience

2021 05 20 11 34 03
2021 05 20 11 34 03

Advertising and advertisements are the basis of support for many services and applications in their free mode. Although thanks to them we enjoy some functions without paying, the experience is usually terrible and it is something that we can experience from YouTube to Spotify. In that sense, we will present you an application where you can consume radio and podcasts without ads.

This is Audials, an application that we can see as an entertainment center in audio format, totally free.

All the radio and podcasts you want without ads

Right now, everyone has a favorite or frequently listened to podcast. The format continues to live a golden moment and in that sense, the platforms have established plans to generate dividends. This has caused some platforms to display ads to support their free version. We have an example on YouTube, where if the creator is monetizing, then we will have several ad segments. However, it is also an issue that we can solve with Audials which offers radio and podcasts without ads.

This application offers a catalog of about 100,000 radio stations and more than 200,000 podcasts. In addition to the ability to listen to all this without ads, you will also have access to some very interesting functions that enhance the experience.

One of the most interesting features is the ability to record what is broadcast. In this way, you can enjoy live content whenever you want and offline. A great possibility for those who enjoy the radio. In addition, in this section you will find the stations organized by categories according to their style and type of music.

As for podcasts, the amount available is gigantic and in the same way, you can store them to listen offline. As a complement we will find the equalizer, a sleep timer and compatibility with Android Auto.

If you want to enjoy radio and podcasts without ads, feel free to give Audials a try.

For get It, follow this link.