“Arranged neatly on her plate, as though James was competing in a cooking show o…

“Arranged neatly on her plate, as though James was competing in a cooking show on the Food Network, were scrambled eggs, two strips of bacon, hash browns, and a perfectly quartered orange.” 🤍

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Thank you to hearourvoicestours for the opportunity to read and review The Barren Grounds by David Alexander Robertson 🤍

Wow, this middle grade fantasy book about two Indigenous kids in Winnipeg, Manitoba coming together and going on an epic adventure is so beautifully written and such a great addition to the middle grade fantasy genre! It’s the first book I’ve read by davealexanderrobertson but I definitely want to read more! It’s about adventure, discovery and family. I related so much to Morgan and her smart banter was so refreshing and fun to read! Eli is also an amazing character and a sweet, sensitive balance to Morgan’s sharp and edgy wit. This book is definitely compared to the Chronicles of Narnia but with traditional Indigenous stories. I would definitely recommend a re-read of Narnia just to see if it stood up to time and how an story compares to a classic. I know my daughter has a harder time with older , classic books but would love this contemporary story . I would also recommend This Tender Land which also has elements of children on an adventure and family that is created but it does not have a fantasy element to it and it’s not middle grade. But adult readers who loved this might love This Tender Land as I did. I also would say it could lead to a reading of A Wrinkle in Time as it also has some fantasy and travel in it. It’s also a great book for kids who had enjoyed The Magic Treehouse series as a younger reader and want to try a middle grade book that has the same elements of adventure and travel.
This was a great book on audio. Thank you librofm and penguinrandomca Young Readers for the ALC of this book. It’s about 7.5 hours long on audio and would be great for a car trip with the family! 🤍

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  1. I love breakfast. I mean all the other meals are great but there is something comforting about breakfast basics. 🥓 🍳

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