ARPA-H, Biden’s health agency to “end cancer”

arpa h contra el cancer 1000x600.jpg
arpa h contra el cancer 1000x600.jpg

ARPA-H is the name of the new federal health agency proposed by Joe Biden, which with a budget of 6.5 billion dollars has the ambitious goal of “End cancer”.

Joe Biden’s first 100 days at the helm of the most powerful nation on the planet have been characterized by extensive legislative packages that seek to reverse Trump’s policies. And certainly, he is managing to make the former president forget.

Part of the equation is a multi-million dollar investment as part of the agenda «Build Back Better»(Rebuild Better) to boost economic activity after the pandemic. The total amount of three trillion dollars They are unmatched by anything that is being done on the planet to advance post-COVID ‘normality’ and make the funds approved by the European Union as a Recovery Plan (652,000 million euros) pale.

A part of the investment will be financed with tax hike for large companies and higher incomes. An option blessed by Wall Street (and the vast majority of the population) that would deserve a publisher, but we are not going to bore you with it in a medium like this. Only comment that the neoliberals of half the world will find it hard to sleep if Biden fulfills this “social-communist” proposal in the capitalist country par excellence.

Investment in all types of infrastructure, modernization and repairs; the reduction of economic inequality and the fight against poverty; reducing carbon emissions to combat climate change or education, with free preschool and community college tuition, will take a big chunk.

ARPA-H, like DARPA, but health

Also health. After promoting vaccinations against COVID at a frantic pace, Biden prepares the country in case this type of pandemic repeats itself, as some scientists warn. In a speech to Congress, Biden outlined his administration’s ambitious goals, updated vaccination efforts, and highlighted another, smaller plan, which is no less ambitious: “End cancer as we know it”.

«I can’t think of a more worthy investment … I don’t know of anything that is more bipartisan…. It is in our power to do it », he described. The mission will be the responsibility of a new health agency called ARPA-H, which with an investment of 6.5 billion dollars (part of a budget of 51 billion dollars assigned by the National Institute of Health, would focus on the fight against cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease – that’s for starters, because it would also look for what they call another “transformational innovation” that could remake health research.


As a good lover of technology, this name of ARPA-H surely sounds familiar to you. Yeah it sounds like DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency that beyond wars has also contributed a number of technologies now ubiquitous, including a predecessor to GPS and the more famous ARPANET, the computer network that was the embryo of an Internet that has changed forever the form of communication and the history of Humanity itself.

Unlike more conservative research teams, DARPA aggressively pursues important scientific breakthroughs in a way that it shares more with Silicon Valley than with other government agencies. Biden believes that use of the DARPA model in cutting-edge health research It would prevent the US from lagging behind in biotech.

“China and other countries are fast approaching”, Biden said during the speech. “We have to develop and master the products and technologies of the future” and pointed out four that may be on everyone’s mind: advanced batteries, biotechnology, computer chips, and clean energy.

And health. Much needed powerful health systems as we have discovered in a terrible pandemic year.