Apple starts assembling the iPhone 12 in India

apple starts assembling the iphone 12 in india
apple starts assembling the iphone 12 in india

Apple has started assembling the iPhone 12 in India. This is done in India through production partner Foxconn. For the time being, it only concerns the basic version of the iPhone 12. Apple has been expanding production capacity in the second largest smartphone market in the world for years.

India as a production country

Not only Apple sees India as an important production country. Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo and OnePlus have been assembling their smartphone models in India for over half a decade and have also increased their production capacity in recent years.

India is doing everything in its power to attract large products. Tax benefits have been made even more attractive in recent quarters.


Apple began assembling iPhone models in India in 2017 – starting with the iPhone SE. It is now the first time that a top model iPhone is produced in the country.

Analysts estimate that Apple plans to move 7% to 10% of its iPhone production to India. In this way they want to become less dependent on China.

Smartphone market

Apple only controls 2% of the Indian smartphone market, but there is growth. According to counterpoint and CyberMedia Research, Apple shipped more than 1.5 million iPhone units to India in the quarter ended December, 100% more than a year earlier. It is immediately the best quarter ever for Apple in India.

Unlike several foreign companies that offer their products and services at low prices in India, Apple has focused entirely on a small segment of the population who can afford to buy an iPhone. And while it has taken a number of years, Apple has now conquered some of the growing market.